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Explicit sexy times in the content of this chapter. 

Chapter Twelve – The Grand Slam

Her whines could probably be heard within a five mile radius outside the broken-down, one-room hunter’s cabin nestled on the north face of Mount Oakham.


“G-Traaainnnn … I’m tired of eating canned Beenie Weenies. Don’t you have some pickles or maybe some energy bars? How loooonnng are we going to have to stay here?”


“C’mon, cookie it’s only for a short while longer until the cops move on and they stop looking for me. Then we’ll go down the mountain into Stroudsberg, and I’ll call my boys to pick us up, then we’ll head down to the shore.”


Lydia came behind him, draping her arms over his shoulders. “Are you gonna take me clubbing? Maybe we can get jiggy in a hot tub. I’ve never done it in a hot tub before.”


“Yeah, baby, we can do it in the hot tub.” He was placating her now, because the G-Train was pretty much over and done with L-Scream. After one night locked in this cabin with her, he was ready to blow his brains out. With both the Viagra and cocaine long gone and the itch on his balls, his locomotive was having a tough time keeping up with the constant demands of her choo-choo, and he was tired of listening to her complaints. No one dared to complain about his G-Train, a Guido’s dick was sacred and teasing it was blasphemy.


No, he had no intentions of bringing Lydia along. Come dawn, he was gonna be outta there, and for all he cared, she could continue to eat the SPAM and Beenie Weenies that had been stored in the cabin since he was a teenager. That shit could survive a nuclear blast and still be good and tasty fifty years later.


Sitting in the rickety chair, he continued to rub his bruised feet, now scraped from climbing the mountain in his now broken flip flops. He was seriously regretting the whole flip flop idea and cursed Darcy for all of his troubles―the least of which was having to forfeit his lead in racing toward the Grand Slam. It had been his one dream of the summer to sink Darcy and the Pemberley peckers. He and Lambton had been well on their way to unseating the arrogant bastard.


No matter now; he was moving on to greener pastures and had plans to try out on MTV’s next casting call for his beloved show. He’d have the last laugh; gonna be richer than that asshole. He pushed his dreams of smushing with J-Woww on the hood of his Ford Pinto to the back of his mind, focusing on how to jerry-rig a pair of shoes out of duck tape and two empty Twinkie boxes. “How the hell can I rig traction on the bottom?” he said. I gotta get the hell out of here!


“Whatcha say, G?” Lydia responded.

“Nothing. Go back to listening to your music.”




Morning dawned to find Darcy and Lizzy curled around one another, legs and arms entwined. She slept with her head on his chest while he slept on his back slightly snoring in the cool air. The birds beckoned them to awake and she stretched, accidentally brushing against his morning erection-much to her surprise, mortification, and intriguing delight. Holy moly! Yeah. She kinda remembered something about his size and she licked her lips.


“Hey,” he said.




“Did you sleep okay?” he asked, his arms pulling her closer to him. They felt right together and she wondered what he thought about them being wrapped around eachother.

“I … I … slept really well in spite of the hard ground, but I had a good pillow.”

She smiled and his heart pounded, feeling grateful that she hadn’t beat a path away from his embrace. He would have kissed her just then (it was the natural thing to do since the moment called for it,) but having morning breath and a massive erection wasn’t the right recipe for a seductive morning kiss. Besides, he had to take a leak. No, that wouldn’t be the way to woo tempestuous Lizzy.


Lizzy sat up from the bedroll, looking so adorable. Her hair stuck up everywhere, one lock was plastered to her cheek. He chuckled, feeling again spellbound by her. To wake up beside this woman every morning was a surprising delightful thought – both his big head and little one were in complete agreement. He reached up, removing the strand and laughed again.


She playfully slapped his chest. “C’mon Magnum. We better break camp and go find the two love birds.” But he stopped her, grabbing her wrist before she had a chance to get up, and he pulled her back down. Who gave a shit about morning breath; she was too stinkin’ sexy to let this moment pass him by.


He kissed her, just a peck (lest he open his mouth and ruin the moment altogether,) and she kissed him back without a fight. “Good morning to you too.”




They had hiked for two solid hours upward and around the mountain as the sun settled high in the sky. It was a sweltering day already and, in spite of the mountain air and altitude, it was outrageously humid. The Pocono area was experiencing one of those miserable heat waves where you felt like your skin would stick together: place a hand on your cheek and it would stay, cross your legs and your thighs became Velcro, sit in the car and it made a suction noise when you got out. It was that bad, and Lizzy and Darcy were both just a wee bit sweaty, irritated, and sexually heated up, both ready to blow like two overworked furnaces.


“Lizzy, it’s twelve do you want to stop for a break and have a bite to eat?”


“I suppose. How far before we reach the cabin?” she asked, gaping at his fine, tight backside as she following him through the trecherous trail. She wasn’t sure if it was the altitude, which really wasn’t that high, or the fact that she had a vague remembrance of holding that butt in the palm of her hand once before, and holding not just his butt. Her hand opened and closed, flexing. She recalled what he had told her about doing “so much more.” How much more and why was the image of a Magum ice cream pop flashing in her minds eye. Big, hard, and long – vanilla cream. Maybe it was the heat. Ice cream in the summer was the perfect quencher.


“We probably have another hour around the north face.” They shrugged their packs off their shoulders and sat on a couple of boulders beside the brook that ran downhill toward the now famous Lake Tittycocka. Darcy removed his hiking boots and socks to put his feet in the brook. “Lizzy, why don’t you go in my backpack, there's a couple of energy bars in there for us.”


As directed, she dug in. Finding the Cliff bars was easy, but when her hand brushed against a slick piece of paper, she grew curious. It felt like a Polaroid picture. And so, like all curious creatures, she pulled it out to look at.

From behind him, he heard an intake of breath, but he didn’t turn around. Maybe she was winded and hot.

“Um ... Darcy?” It didn't pass his powers of observation that she had reverted back to calling him by his last name. “Will” was a thing of the past for some reason, but the tone in which she said "Darcy" was unmistakable. His mythological creature was back. Again, he considered that it was the heat. The underworld of Tartarus was hot where the Titans resided.


“Hmmm?’ he casually replied, not wanting to face whatever the Cracken was going to slay him with today.


Livid was the precise word, and the once docile, amicable creature from the night before was apparently going to become a figment of his imagination when she yelled, “Darcy!”


“What?!” He stood up, pulling back his shoulders.


“Why do you have a Polaroid of me naked in the shower?! Huh? Do you care to explain or are you going to lie about that and tell me that it was a Photoshop job, or maybe that you don’t know how it got there, or tell me that I gave it to you when I was drunk?”


More than a little confused, he scratched his head and furrowed his brow. Quite honestly, he normally considered himself sharp as a tack – but not when it came to Lizzy. “You did give it to me. Hand that to me!” He walked closer to her with his hand out waiting to be re-gifted with that sleek little Polaroid, having already thought of a place to put it in his bedroom.


“Ah…no! Why would I do that?”


“A: because I asked, and b: because you did give it to me. Besides, I thought we came to a silent agreement last night when you crawled into my bed.”


“And what agreement is that Mr. Narcissistic Pervert, and excuse me, but I did not give you that photograph.”


She looked at the snapshot again and tilted it. “No, I’m going to keep it." She hesitated it, examining it. "Damn, is that what my ass looks like from behind?!” she asked seemingly distracted and talking to herself. “Don’t answer that!” A glance up into his face and a narrowing of her eyes did nothing to quell the humor that was pushing to her surface. Oh God! He has that dreamy look on his face. Stay strong, Lizzy.


Incredulously, he stormed to her, standing only an inch or two from her rolling body heat. “Did you just ask what agreement?"


She blinked as if unwilling to answer.


“The agreement, Miss Too Hot to Handle, that we would give into this thing between us. You made it clear when I kissed you, both when you were under the influence and sober, that you were interested in me - in us - getting together.” He bent his head close to hers but she turned her face away in avoidance. “Don’t do that,” he said.


“Do what?”


“Pretend that you don’t want me to kiss you, because I know you Lizzy, and you want so much more than a kiss. As do I.”


She was done for when she finally gazed into his expressive, passion-filled eyes.


“Is this just a summer thing for you or something else? I’m not sure I’m prepared for something else,” she finally asked.


He didn’t answer, of course, how could he, he didn’t know himself. The Darcy of old wanted a summer fling, and now that the evil monster in her was once-again shackled and Lizzy the Amphitrite was back, he was more than ready to have hot combustive sex with the siren standing before him with fire in her eyes. But, now he faced a conundrum. He thought he wanted something more, but she was saying she didn’t. Would they always be at odds, even when it came down to a sexual relationship? Could he have sex with her for the next two weeks and end it when summer was over? He didn’t think that was possible. Lizzy Bennet wasn’t someone he would'nt do that to.


Ignoring her question, he suddenly kissed her, silencing the white angel on his shoulder and his big head. The only thing he listened to was the wise wisdom of his fiery red devil and the Big D that demanded, Now!


The kiss wasn’t one of those kisses that said, “I like you, let’s get to know each other. I find you attractive.” No, it was one of those kisses that plainly stated, “You are so friggin’ fantastic that I want to screw you until Tuesday next week, starting thirty seconds ago.” His lips were like fire--consuming and scorching hers. She thought what an unmitigated ass she had been to deny this all these weeks. Her knees felt weak, and he seemed to know it, holding her tightly in his embrace, body pressed against hers.


They were all over each other, lips, hands, tongues, both incredibly aroused and anxious to become outdoor exhibitionists like the rest of the camp.


Between kisses she panted. “What about our search?”


“They’re not going anywhere.” [kiss]


“What about Lydia?” 


“She’s safe; he won’t hurt her.” [sucking her neck]


“What about Wickham?”


“Screw Wickham.”


“No, I’d rather do that to you” [scorching kiss]


So there they were at that juncture again, you remember the one where he was standing on the dock and she said, “Join me Darcy,” and of course, he complied.


She loved the feel of his lips upon her. They left a trail of tingling heat everywhere they met skin and she could feel her own tingling heat between her legs, growing with aching need. “Did you bring the condoms?”


With a long stretch of his arm he grabbed the backpack, his mouth still enacting their seduction. Still kissing her, he dug into the bag then anxiously tugged out the row of Trojans. She could feel the smile against her lips when he said, “I thought you’d never ask.”


He dropped his bag like a hot potato and paced the condoms on the boulder. They began to undress each other. Lizzy slowly lifted his gray t-shirt, reveling in the feel of his tight abs and hard pecs as she ran her eager fingers over his beautiful body. She waited all summer to touch him like this, but it seemed her fingers had already familiarized themselves with his aroused nippled. Eagerly, her hand descended to the buttons of his cargo shorts, enjoying the lingering stop at the black treasure trail.




More than ready for his touch – his mouth - she wasn’t nervous when he lifted her shirt up, revealing her sheer nylon bra. Her nipples were so taut they were straining against the fabric, calling for his attention. Suddenly, recollection of how they felt in his mouth that night at the lake rushed into her mind.


“Lizzy are you sure about this? You’re not going to haul off and gouge out my eyes later are you.”


“I’ve never more sure about anything. You’re right, this could be so good. Will … I want you so badly.”


He unhooked her bra from the front and as soon as her breasts spilled out, his lips were all over her, surrounding a nipple. She arched her back, supported by his hand, her head falling backward, hair brushing his fingers. God, she felt so alive, so turned on. “Oh yes! I need you to shag me like a minx!”


He chuckled at her playfulness, using the words that got him slapped on the path the other day.


Mere seconds passed, and they stood in the forest naked and aroused. The pad of her finger teasingly brushed along his tip, remembering his girth, his size. Never one to wait for anything that she wanted with fierce desire, she gently pushed him down to sit on the edge of the boulder. His rock hard shaft stood at attention, hot and ready. True to form, she took control and stood between his spread legs, wrapping her hand around his shaft, stroking him as his mouth feasted on her. He was hot, and more than ready. She moaned loudly into the forest.


“I remember this.” She whispered, her fingers delighted in the power they held.


One of his hands slid from her hip to backside, caressing her and holding her close to his seated form as his other hand explored, gently touching her apex, then exploring her folds until he stroked her wetness. Her knees felt weak, turning to jelly by his welcome, masterful assault.


“How could I have forgotten this, too?” she said dreamily, lost in the ecstasy of what his fingers were doing to her.


“What else… what else do you remember?” Will was coming undone quickly particularly when her hand reached down and cradled his boys in the palm of her hand. She didn’t answer him, instead she dropped to her knees before him and gave Big D one long lick from bottom to the top of his tip. She looked up at him with a saucy smile. “I remember that you taste like Sweet Tarts; my favorite hard candy.”


He knew that for as long as he lived, he’d never forget that moment. His forest nymph placed her ruby red lips around him and sucked. He shouted out in divine ecstasy, “YES!” Her own enjoyment of what she was doing set him even more aflame as she moaned with each swirl of her tongue. Yes, she did enjoy hard candy.


Begging wasn’t his style, but by God he found himself doing so. “Lizzy, please you’re driving me mad; sit on me, now!”


Yeah the gods of Olypus were good to him today. She didn’t object. In fact, she complied with a lick to her lips when she rose.


“Still bossing me around, Will? Tsk tsk tsk … such a naughty boy,” she taunted, tearing open the wrapper of a condom and slid it onto him, promptly climbing onto his waiting lap. He didn’t fail to notice that she was back to calling him Will for the time being. He must be doing something right. Clearly, he was living up to his college nickname.


This was the pinnacle of every tug of war, every argument, every erection, and every near kiss they shared. It came down to this moment, when he could be inside her and make everything right between them. He didn't even consider that it could actually complicate things.


Lizzy teased him at first wanting to see the expressions on his face change from passion to outright madness. “Wicked minx,” he said, grabbing her hips and impaling her on him. She shouted out, her cries echoing down the mountainside, the birds flew; Hands gripped his shoulders for the ride of her lives.


Stradding his seated lap on the boulder, she rode him hard in back and forth motion. Her face was flushed and full of passion, her mouth open and panting. She bit her lip and opened her eyes, locking on his. Leaning back against his palms he thrust upward into her, enjoying the image of her luscious full breasts rock in motion to her hips. The more he pushed up, the more she would push down, repeatedly sending her cries of ecstasy throughout the forest.


Still competing, as was their nature, he panted, “… bet I get you off first….”


“Not … so ... fast. … I ... know… tricks.”


Electricity coursed through their bodies, the build up of attraction now consummated. They were insatiable, neither wanting it to end; yet the passion sparked a race for the finish.


She squeezed her heat around him, and when he felt the tightening of her heavenly wetness, he held her tightly, pulling her to the ground. He fell on top of her, unleashed with wild feral abandon, thrusting and grinding madly as though they were two animals in heat. The intensity between them was like combustive fire and both were wound up for a massive explosion.


He cried out, words of passion and lust, proclomations no one had ever said to her.


With each grind of his hips he set off a firestorm of current, shooting through her until she finally climaxed, like she never had before, screaming out into the fresh mountain air. Her body rippling and shuddering, soaring and floating.


Darcy exploded in convulsions then collapsed on top of her.  He kissed her face and neck until finally resting in the crook of her neck. “I win …” he panted.


“Who cares; I think I’m a winner too. Mr. Magnum.”


He kissed her smiling lips.


They lay there on the ground, completely exhausted and not nearly satiated. This was only the beginning for them and both knew that all their bickering, competing, and misunderstandings were foreplay to this very moment. Their shared orgasm was explosive and erotic and would hopefully be repeated again and again until they parted ways at the end of the summer.


Darcy rolled her into his arms so that she lay on top of him instead of on the ground. “Did I hurt you on the ground?” He kissed her forehead, and she shook her head from side to side.


“That was incredible,” he added and she nodded as his hands traveled downward to cup bottom.


“You’re speechless. What’s wrong?”


She lifted her head and held his gaze, reaching up to touch his lips with her finger. “Nothing’s wrong. I was just trying to calm my heart rate, and enjoying the feel of you against me and how fabulous you feel inside me.”


“You feel ... perfect, Lizzy.” He snorted a chuckle. “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”


“Damned if I know. How many condoms do you have left?”




“That won’t last us very long.”

Well, it's about damn time!